Rich Maley
Spiritual Advisor
Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Concord-Carlisle Conference

A note from our spiritual advisor

Dear fellow Vincentians and Friends,

Certainly, all of us have experienced some level of stress, anxiety, fear, and isolation due to changed circumstances over the past year or two. Whether you are working, going out in the community, have youngsters, care for others, or have health concerns, you may have felt vulnerable or somewhat isolated at times. The roles of Vincentian volunteers in our mission of charity have been severely modified. Needy neighbors had high stress even before the pandemic and may experience added concerns at this time.

How are you coping? Maybe you are reading books, listening to soft music, cleaning the cellar/attic, walking in the neighborhood, face-timing with family and friends? May I suggest another short activity: Prayer. How about a couple of The Lord’s Prayer, a few Hail Marys, a good Act of Contrition, a short prayer for a special intention (strength and patience, eradication of Covid-19), or a prayer of gratitude for blessings received, (good health).

For Vincentian brothers and sisters, our corporal acts of charity are inspired by our love of our Savior, Jesus Christ. He taught us to be generous with our time, our possessions, and ourselves in our mission. As much as possible, we share our faith, hope, and love to our neighbors and our friends. In turn, He bestows many blessings in our daily lives and, ultimately, welcomes us into His kingdom.

Please consider adding some time for prayer to your daily routine. We have all been blessed in so many ways. Let’s share those blessings with family and friends as best we can. May you all find comfort in knowing that God watches over us and cares for us.

Stay well and God bless you,


An evening prayer

Dear Lord, as the day draws to a close, help to quiet my mind and to find peace. Let my troubles and concerns rest so that, when I awake, You and I can  sort them out together. In the new day, guide me to use the resources I have and to gratefully accept help from others. Let me share my time and talents freely to bring light and peace to another neighbor in need. Amen.

T. D., St. Vincent de Paul Volunteer

A visit to the tomb of Frederic Ozanam

The Saint Vincent de Paul Society was founded in 1833 by Frederic Ozanam, a 20-year-old law student, who lived during the time of Les Miserables in Paris. His dual mission of providing financial support and growing in faith by the sharing of love, gifts and grace has evolved into a world-wide volunteer organization.

This video includes a discussion of the life and times of Frederic Ozanam along with a visit to his burial place in the crypt of the historic church of St. Joseph des Carmes in Paris.