As the situation in other parts of the world remains uncertain, Cardinal Sean is asking parishioners in the Boston Archdiocese to be ready and willing to assist in addressing “a major humanitarian and societal
crisis” that is looming on our home front. This involves “the fate of immigrants arriving daily in Massachusetts, and in need of basic shelter and compassionate care and welcome.”

The Cardinal is asking all parishes in the Boston Archdiocese to assist in a collection of winter clothing and necessities for those in need. These items include: winter coats, boots, and socks. The following basic necessities are also welcome: diapers, toothbrushes (adult & child size), toothpaste, soap, deodorant, mouthwash, combs, lotion, shampoo, washcloths, and Kleenex tissues.

This effort will involve the Archdiocesan St. Vincent de Paul Society which manages a storage facility and has the resources to collect and distribute items directly to those in need. Your donated items can be dropped of at Mass on Sundays at Holy Family Parish in the gathering area, or left weekdays at the Catholic Parish Center in Monument Square.

Bins Concord
Clothing Bins in West Concord

Clothing items can be brought directly to the St. Vincent de Paul Clothing Bin located at St. Irene’s Church parking lot in Carlisle or left at the St. Vincent de Paul Clothing Bin located in West  Concord on  the far side of Nashoba Brook Bakery parking lot. It is suggested that when using these boxes, place your items in a plastic bag labeled “Migrant Crisis” if you want to be sure that your donation is used to support the migrants.

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